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I’m going to break my “traditional” one-post rule of June 4th to make a small comment. This year, 2013, is the year when I can proudly say that I played a part in the annual Candlelight Vigil at Victoria Park. Granted, I missed getting an actual candle and in the finest display of Murphy’s Law, it poured for the entire hour, soaking me to to the bone…but I’m glad I saw it through.

I might not join the 7/1 protests because Hong Kong politics generally continue to confuse and unnerve me; I don’t quite understand every party’s platform well enough to feel like I have a right to march. But I can do 6/4. There is nothing confusing about 6/4. In fact, 6/4 could even be an umbrella date that includes 7/1, or even Gezi Park. It’s about people wanting to take charge of their own lives.

Emphasis on people. Politics make my head swim, but I can do people.

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